Valkyrie Dev Blog #10 – Meet The Cast (Part 2)


Welcome back to the Valkyrie dev blogs! Today I have some more character concepts to show off. Keep in mind we’re still fairly early in terms of character concepts, so everything is subject to change! This is Zinnia Draugur. She’s unique in the cast in that she just so happens to be a ghost. But Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #9 – Stop! Arrow Time

Last week I talked about how I was going to be rewriting arrow scrolling yet again, and I’m glad to say it’s been done. Here is a video showcasing the new scrolling (with a stop!) For those interested, here’s how it works now: When the simfile is loaded up, I grab all of the BPMs Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #8 – Not Dead

Well, it’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Truth be told, I’ve never been the best at sticking to a schedule. December got a little busy with holidays, I was at AGDQ for the first week and a bit of January, and February the laziness simply took hold of me. But it’s a new month, Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #7 – Meet The Cast (Part 1)

Getting this post out later than I would like today, but here it is. Things have been progressing nicely on the code side of things, but today I’d like to talk about another aspect of the game: The story and characters! For a few weeks, the artist and I have been working hard to design Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #6 – The Arrows!

Hi. This may very well be the last dev blog in which I talk about arrow scrolling. The reason for that? I’ve finally got it working! This week has been huge in terms of advancements in the codebase. I am incredibly pleased with how things have progressed lately, because now the arrows sync up and Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #5 – Arrow Scrolling (Part 2)

It’s time to talk about code stuff again The core component of Valkyrie, being a rhythm game, is the note generation and scrolling. Unfortunately, I have been having a good deal of trouble implementing this system. But that’s not to say there’s no progress… Since my last dev blog post about this, I have re-implemented Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #4 – Artist On Board

The past two weeks have lent themselves to some major developments in Valkyrie. The codebase didn’t see any major additions, but other aspects of the game are starting to be developed. This week’s dev blog is going to be about story. Back when I first began work on Valkyrie, back in…May or June it must Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #3 – Let’s Talk Music

Another Friday means another dev blog! And I’m serious about trying to to do this every week, so I’m not missing a week like between posts 1 and 2. So, what has happened this week in terms of Valkyrie? Unfortunately, not much code-wise. I did a few more tests of my arrow scrolling system, including Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #2 – Arrow Scrolling

One dev blog in and I’ve already missed a week – We’re off to a great start! Truth be told, I was a bit busy with my regular job and some other stuff last week, and as a result very little progress was made. However, I have made progress this week, so hooray! Basically Valkyrie Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #1 – Welcome

Back around May of this year I began working on my own indie game, codenamed Valkyrie. I previously put out one (really bad) game in 2009, but I’d like this one to be something I can try to sell. Since I’m not putting much other content on this blog, why not do weekly dev blog Read More